Crew Class

This type of mattress is our standard product of the Mistral Yachting line, and it is mainly dedicated to crewmembers. The Crew Class mattress as a whole is an extremely simple product but at the same time full of technology. This mattress has been designed for maximum lightness and maximum versatility, but without sacrificing comfort. In fact this mattress is composed in its upper part by a layer of Mistral® for the mattress’s breathability and for the correct weight support, and in its lower part by a thin layer of highly elastic and soft Elastic Foam, both supported by a layer of Memory Foam for a really cosy feeling. In the centre there is a thin layer of Mistral® for the high breathability of the mattress which eliminates the formation of humidity.

All supported by a thick layer of Ergo Foam for maximum ergonomics, for a very comfortable mattress. The cover is the perfect combination of design and technology, made entirely of breathable fabric, the upper part gives maximum freshness during sleep, while the perimeter band allows a high ventilation of the mattress , keeping it always fresh and dry avoiding the formation of mold. Finally the inferior part is composed of a layer of Mistral® producing aeration from below and creating the correct support for the mattress itself. The Crew Class mattress is available in 15, 18 or 20 cm thickness and can be made in any size.