Guest Class

The mattress proposed for guests is inspired by one of our best-selling mattresses, the BoxMistral® Emozione. Entirely built with Foam technology, it is further restyled through this line. The Guest Class in the reception area, or in the part in contact with the body, is composed of a layer of Mistral®, for a high breathability and, to enhance its comfort, by three types of Foam perforated with differentiated density and bearing capacity. At the center we find a layer of Mistral®, for better internal ventilation and, below, two types of Foam designed to improve ergonomics and offer proper support for the body. The cover is characterized in the upper part by a breathable and light fabric to favor aeration and give freshness.

The perimeter band is made by the union of two fabrics, the first extremely breathable and the second, particularly valuable, embellished in turn by embroidery that resembles the texture of the Mistral®.The four handles are embellished with the Mistral Yachting logo. The layer in contact with the net is made of 3space fabric, Mistral for better ventilation. The Guest Class mattress is available in 20 or 25cm thickness and can be made in any size.